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Soundrop relaunches as YouTuber single distribution service

Formerly a collaborative playlisting app on Spotify, Soundrop has relaunched as a digital distribution service for singles-focussed artists – particularly those who build their following through YouTube, and especially those who focus on covers.

Music distributor CD Baby acquired – the music marketing platform set up by the Soundrop team – last year, and said at the time that a new distribution service was in the pipeline that would use the Soundrop brand.

The new service seemingly builds on Loudr Distribution, the US-based cover-version-focused distribution and licensing platform for DIY artists that allied with CD Baby in 2015. Like Loudr, Soundrop will also provide song licensing services, which are more important in the US where there is no industry-wide mechanical rights collecting society.

The all-new Soundrop distributes tracks to Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, Amazon and Deezer, with plans to add Pandora and YouTube later this year.

“Soundrop was first about connecting listeners to music on the most popular streaming platform”, says Soundrop’s Brand Manager Zach Domer of its original incarnation. “Now it’s connecting artists to listeners directly”.

“These are folks who release on YouTube first”, continues Domer. “They have a strong supporter base on Patreon. They come from EDM or game music scenes. This is the place for them. Creators on platforms like YouTube are used to a fast, furious, responsive pace in serving their audience. Soundrop will be the perfect partner in this enterprise”.

As its fee, Soundrop will take 15% of any revenue earned by tracks it distributes.